Sunday, May 15, 2011


"Now I lay me down not to sleep.
I just get tangled in the sheets.
I swim in sweat three inches deep.
I just lay back and claim defeat...
Lids down, I count sheep.
I count heartbeats.
The only thing that counts is that
I won't sleep...My mind is racing,
filled with lists of things to do
and things I've done.
Another sleepless night's begun..."
"Who Needs Sleep?" ~Song By Barenaked Ladies

I have battled the 'insomnia monster' for years.  It is a struggle that I have fought with, cried about, prayed about, sought medical advice about, and have come to ACCEPT.  I know as I age, that it is only going to continue.   I believe my battle is due to my 'racing, creative mind'.  I am constantly thinking about new projects, things I want to accomplish, and my hopes and dreams!  YEP!  my 'right brained thinking' is something that I LOVE about myself, but it is definitely a contributing factor to my insomnia battle.  Here is a great link to understanding insomnia, and reasons that you may battle insomnia.

I thought I would find a 'fun', creative way to poke fun at my 'insomnia issue'!  My dear friend Melissa sent me this adorable picture and suggested it would be perfect for the bedroom.  I HAD TO AGREE... here is the link where you can purchase these adorable ZZZZ's along with so many other fantastic products!  And NOW, my rendition!

I decided to create my Z's because I believe in the power of positive thinking, and seeing the ZZZ's spelled out in front of me is a very positive 'visual' message!  I also decided to create the Z's to match my bedroom.  I have beautiful 'robin's egg blue' walls, and throughout the bedroom, I have used black and white photos,  and red as my accent colors!  My bedroom is SO relaxing and cozy, and SO ME!

Here are the Materials you will need:
  • 3 'Z' letters (I got mine at Michaels)
  • Black and White Acrylic Paint
  • A paint brush
  • A toothbrush
  • Matte acrylic sealer (I love Krylon)

I LOVE enamelware, and I found this adorable Black Enamelware Coffee Pot at a garage sale for $1.00.  This pot served as the creative force for painting my letters!  
Too cute and SO easy... here's what you do!

Paint your Z's with your Black acrylic paints.  I am not sure what my Z's were composed of, but thankfully they only needed one coat of the paint.  Be careful not to use too much paint as you may leave globs or drips on your letters where you don't want them.

After the black paint has dried, lay your letters out, and place a dollop of the white paint in your palette.  Dip your toothbrush into the white paint and scrape it lightly against the edge of your palette so there is not 'too much' paint on the toothbrush.  Hold the toothbrush over the letters, and with your pointer finger, pull against the bristles and flick the paint on the letters.  It does not matter if you get a variety of 'flecks' on your letters... that is the beauty of using this technique.

Allow your white paint to thoroughly  dry, and then using your Krylon matte finish sealer, spray one coat.  Allow the first coat to dry and then spray one more coat.  
Allow to dry thoroughly.

I chose to hang the letters where I could see them from my bed.  I hung them on a wall across from my bed under a little black shelf I have hanging.  I measured down from the base board and centered the letters under the shelf.  Luckily the letters had predrilled holes for hanging.  So I hung them, stepped back and said, "I LIKE, LIKE CRAZY"!  
Too cute, and a powerful positive message with three simple letters.

Now I am getting requests from other family  members for their own "personalized" letter messages.  I love it!  This project took under one hour to complete, it is inexpensive, yet SO priceless.

I hope you will go and have fun making your own Z's, and I hope you will experience some great Z's as you lay down to rest!  Sweet Dreams! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ................

Living, Loving, Laughing and getting sleepy! = )


Here is a great link giving some great tips that I myself have implemented to improve my sleep!