Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My CRAZY EASY CRAFT to bring the "OCEAN to Your Home!"

This is such a simple yet fun project and whether you live in Alaska, Germany, or Ireland, if you love the ocean like I do, here is quick easy little project to introduce an ocean theme into your home!

I live right by Pensacola Beach, and one of my favorite things to do is find 'treasures', seashells, or sand dollars' every time I go to the beach which is frequent during summer vacation!  My last trip yielded a perfect baby sand dollar.  I  am a person who delights in the smallest of pleasures, so when I found my sand dollar, I was delighted and squealing with excitement.  Yes I do get VERY excited over the smallest of things~ just ask ANY of my friends!  LOL

I love little knickknacks... and I love to have a supply of gifts to give, on hand.  SO, this project fits the bill on many levels:
  • Easy
  • Inexpensive
  • Something I love 
  • Crazy Cute gift!

Ready to begin?  You will need: 

  • A frame with a mat already inserted~ I always go for sale frames, usually from Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Joanne's...
  • blue ocean scrap book paper
  • shells~ again if you don't live near the ocean like I do : ) you can find these at any craft store
  • Wired ribbon to match frame
  • Aleen's Tacky glue
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors

First take the glass out of your frame and clean it.  Careful not to cut your fingers on the glass edge.  Reinsert the glass and then the mat and trace a piece of your blue scrap book paper to fit the frame.   Cut it out and place the paper in the frame behind the mat and put something behind the paper to hold it in place in the frame, and close the frame. 

Next, using Aleen's Tacky Glue, glue the shell to the front portion of the glass of the frame, centering it over the blue portion of paper.  Let the glue dry thoroughly.  

Next take your wired ribbon, cutting it to the length you would like the picture to hang.  Tie a bow in the middle and fluff it out... wired ribbon makes this SO easy!  Tie knots at the ends of the bow so you will have something solid to glue to the back of your frame.  The ribbon serves as the hanger for your frame.

Once the seashell has dried, flip the frame over and put a dollop of hot glue on one side of the frame and then press the knotted end into the glue until it has dried... DON'T BURN YOUR FINGERS! : )

Once you have both sides of your ribbon tails glued down, you are DONE.  See!  I told you it was quick & easy.  Now find a spot to hang, or pop it in a gift bag for your bestie!  I have also done the shell picture in frames that stand as you can see.  I have placed these creations around my house and paired them with some of my antique books (another one of my small pleasures) or sea colored decorative bottles I have found at crafts stores, or my 'water fountain' collection. : )  So calming, relaxing, and an instant trip to the Seashore.  I hope you will have fun making your own Seashore project.  Something simple, yet so Crazy beautiful.

Living, Loving and Laughing from the Seashore,


Sunday, July 10, 2011

CRAZY- My 2nd Hand Shop, Krylon, Creative Chalkboard!

What a fun project this was for me!  I was able to combine two of my favorite things to do: 1) 2nd hand shopping, 2) making something Crazy Creative out of my find!  I find such pleasure in buying something for $1.00 and turning it into to something that looks like I dropped some serious dough.  This Crazy Cute Chalkboard was just the ticket to a 
fun and fabulous few hours spent being creative!

I have always wanted a chalkboard for my kitchen so I can love notes to my family,  or list things I need to purchase from the grocery store.  BUT,  I wanted a chalkboard that matched my decor, and I knew I was not going to be able to purchase what I wanted, so it was off to research a way to create my own, and that is when I ran into KRYLON, one of my favorite crafting products.  They have such a VAST array of products to 
create almost anything for your house and home!  
Here is a link to some of the fun creative paints Krylon sells!

So to make this cute project, you will need:

  • A 2nd hand store picture that has a framed 'cardboard' picture - not just a "photo" as the image
  • Krylon Chalkboard spray paint
  • Krylon Make it Stone textured paint
  • Stickers
  • Jute string
  • Chalk
  • Hot Glue Gun and sticks
  • Aleen's Tacky Glue
  • Wired Ribbon
  • Newspaper
  • small Brads (small nails) and hammer

First thing to do, find a 2nd hand shop in your  city, I went to our cities Rescue Mission.  I looked through all of the photos and found this "STUNNING" (I am really just joking)  picture for $1.00 : )!  AND it perfectly suited my needs.  It is very important that the picture portion of the picture is not just paper but a picture on cardboard.  

You need a strong surface to use your Chalkboard spray.  

Secondly, Purchase your Krylon products, your wired ribbon, jute, chalk, stickers,and glue if you do not have the products on hand.  The Krylon "Stone it" product is so cool and does come in different colors.  I LOVED the texture it added to the project!  I found all of my products at Michael's, and I usually use a 'printable' coupon from the computer that gives me a discount on all items including sale items.  Just google "printable Michael's coupons for July 2011"- or whatever month you are doing your project, and you can find a wealth of coupons to print out!

I took the picture and glass out of the frame.  I used a dry cloth to wipe off the cardboard picture portion, and used a wood cleaner to clean the frame.  Make sure you completely remove any of the cleaning product from the wood before you start using your spray paints.

Lay newspaper on the floor, and  make sure to cover a wide space as you don't wish to get spray on your floor! (my husband let me know I had not quite covered enough surface- YIKES!)  Using your chalkboard paint, and following the instructions, cover your cardboard picture.  Your cardboard will definitely need the 2 coats of the paint that the can suggests.  Just follow directions on the can, to the "T" and you will be A-OK!

With your frame, again read the direction on the "Stone It" can and follow explicitly.  With the correct usage, you will end up with a fabulous finish to the frame! You will need several coats of the product to completely cover the frame. 
 Again, the texture that the Stone It spray adds to the frame is just stunning!

Allow enough drying time for both the 'chalkboard' picture and the frame.  Gently put your chalkboard piece back into the frame, and then using brads and a hammer, tap the brads into the frame and down on the back of the picture to hold the picture in place.  I used 1 brad for top and bottom and 2 brads on the side.

I am not one to do the 'plain' and 'simple', SO, I did add dimensional stickers with pearls and stones on the chalkboard, at the top of the chalkboard.  The colors of the stickers matched my kitchen decor.  I used Aleen's Tacky glue to apply the flowers so they would STAY in place.

Next, I cut a very long piece of jute string, and tied a bow at then end which I then hot glued down on the corner of the frame.  I then tied the chalk to the other piece of string.  To hold the chalk in place, I added a dab of hot glue and then tied a knot, and I hot glued one more flower sticker over the bow on the frame to create a nice little decorative touch to the bottom quarter of the frame.

Using my wired ribbon, I cut the ribbon the length that I need to properly hang my chalkboard.  Then I cut two more pieces which were the same length.  Holding all three strands together, I tied a bow in the middle of the strands with would serve as the decorative top part of my hanger.  The wonderful thing about wired ribbon is, that once you have your bow the way you want it, you can poof it out and bend and shape it to the perfect design.  I then pulled the hanging portions of the bow tight and tied a knot in the bottom of each side.  Turning my frame over I hot glued the knots onto the back of the picture, making sure my bow was centered at the top.  I held the knot in place for a moment so that it would stay in place.  Once the glue was dry, I turned the chalkboard over and squealed with delight!  I LOVED LOVED LOVED how CRAZY CUTE my chalkboard had turned out.  I nailed a brad where I wanted to hang it.... and PRESTO.... I now had my very own chalkboard to write whatever I wished.

The most expensive thing you will purchase with this project is your paints, but let me tell you I have PLENTY left, so some of my 'besties' are going to get some gifts! ; )  After all who would not want this adorable chalkboard hanging for all to see, and to help you remain organized.

This was a very easy project, a very quick project, and a project that anyone can do.  I had so much fun, I am going to make another one for my daughter's bedroom!   NOW, where are my car keys so I can run to the second hand store! : )

Loving this quick easy project immensely.  I hope you will want to design your own masterpiece, which can be used in ANY room in your house.  Have fun and go crazy creative!

Living, Laughing, and Loving Crazy Creativity,


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crazy Fab Freedom... My July 4th!

I so loved my July 4th  for so many reasons.  I woke up celebrating the fact that I was free to live in a home which I chose, and which I was able to decorated in a way that I love! 
 (I celebrate the little things)  

I was free to spend time with the ones I love, laughing, speaking freely about serious subjects, silly subjects, spiritual subjects.  I was excited about the freedom to choose my activities for my holiday 'day' which consisted of shopping and lunch with 
my best friend Becky and my precious gal Katie.  

Followed by choosing to forgo 'cooking' dinner and instead ordering a pizza for the family and more friends!  And then, I was excited about choosing how the fam would spend the evening. We chose to attend an event we were all looking forward to!  We had the freedom to travel through our beautiful city to a PRIMO spot- 
a balcony overlooking the beautiful Pensacola Bay. 

We enjoyed the most fantastic fireworks imaginable!  What a privilege it was to sit there with people I choose to share my life with, people I love, who enrich my life and bring me joy.  What a privilege it was to view the beauty of the Pensacola Bay with the sparkling fireworks reflecting off the surface of the water. 

And most importantly, what a privilege to celebrate one of the most special of holidays!  The 4th of July, a celebration of independence, and freedom, for which many brave individuals paid such a dear price,
 so that I might make simple, to life changing choices.

July the 4th~ full of fun, family, friends, food, fireworks!  I am So Grateful to God for this day which He gave me... a day of freedom which consisted of making choices on how to live my life,  and the freedom I find in Him, as a result of being His child.  

Freedom, brings me joy, love and such amazing laughter.  Hoping you enjoyed your day of freedom with the same joy love and laughter!