Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My CRAZY EASY CRAFT to bring the "OCEAN to Your Home!"

This is such a simple yet fun project and whether you live in Alaska, Germany, or Ireland, if you love the ocean like I do, here is quick easy little project to introduce an ocean theme into your home!

I live right by Pensacola Beach, and one of my favorite things to do is find 'treasures', seashells, or sand dollars' every time I go to the beach which is frequent during summer vacation!  My last trip yielded a perfect baby sand dollar.  I  am a person who delights in the smallest of pleasures, so when I found my sand dollar, I was delighted and squealing with excitement.  Yes I do get VERY excited over the smallest of things~ just ask ANY of my friends!  LOL

I love little knickknacks... and I love to have a supply of gifts to give, on hand.  SO, this project fits the bill on many levels:
  • Easy
  • Inexpensive
  • Something I love 
  • Crazy Cute gift!

Ready to begin?  You will need: 

  • A frame with a mat already inserted~ I always go for sale frames, usually from Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Joanne's...
  • blue ocean scrap book paper
  • shells~ again if you don't live near the ocean like I do : ) you can find these at any craft store
  • Wired ribbon to match frame
  • Aleen's Tacky glue
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors

First take the glass out of your frame and clean it.  Careful not to cut your fingers on the glass edge.  Reinsert the glass and then the mat and trace a piece of your blue scrap book paper to fit the frame.   Cut it out and place the paper in the frame behind the mat and put something behind the paper to hold it in place in the frame, and close the frame. 

Next, using Aleen's Tacky Glue, glue the shell to the front portion of the glass of the frame, centering it over the blue portion of paper.  Let the glue dry thoroughly.  

Next take your wired ribbon, cutting it to the length you would like the picture to hang.  Tie a bow in the middle and fluff it out... wired ribbon makes this SO easy!  Tie knots at the ends of the bow so you will have something solid to glue to the back of your frame.  The ribbon serves as the hanger for your frame.

Once the seashell has dried, flip the frame over and put a dollop of hot glue on one side of the frame and then press the knotted end into the glue until it has dried... DON'T BURN YOUR FINGERS! : )

Once you have both sides of your ribbon tails glued down, you are DONE.  See!  I told you it was quick & easy.  Now find a spot to hang, or pop it in a gift bag for your bestie!  I have also done the shell picture in frames that stand as you can see.  I have placed these creations around my house and paired them with some of my antique books (another one of my small pleasures) or sea colored decorative bottles I have found at crafts stores, or my 'water fountain' collection. : )  So calming, relaxing, and an instant trip to the Seashore.  I hope you will have fun making your own Seashore project.  Something simple, yet so Crazy beautiful.

Living, Loving and Laughing from the Seashore,