Thursday, October 27, 2011


When people walk up the steps to my front door, my desire is for them to see my LOVE of FALL, and to immediately feel a FALL welcome as they announce their arrival.  I created a Fall Fab, Easy Wreath that ANYONE can recreate! NOW is the time to create your wreath, as most fall d├ęcor is marked down anywhere from 40-60% and THEN, with some online coupon searching, I always look at the Michaels online page for their current sales and coupons! I also always purchase the Sunday newspaper for the Michaels coupons! 
Searching, maximizes your savings!!! 
P.S. if you are a teacher or military, ask Michaels if they offer a discount.  I get a 15% discount at all times as a school teacher!

 I found my coupons, and headed off to Michaels.  I spent just $18.00 making this gorgeous wreath, which will be good for years to come, and is very individualized...
with the letter “E” for Easton!  :)

The supplies I used are as follows:
Grapevine Wreath
Pumpkin/ Beaded 5 ft garland
Small decorative Gourds
A bunch of Sunflowers
Green Wire Ribbon
The letter “E”
Krylon Glitter Blast Paint
Americana Gold Paint 
Krylon Matte finish Spray
Glue gun and sticks

I started by using the Krylon Glitter Blast on all of the floral and decorative components, except for the letter and the ribbon.   After the objects had dried, I laid the Pumpkin/Beaded garland 
on the wreath and hot glued into place.

Then on the left side of the wreath, I began hot gluing the glittered leaves and then hot glued the sunflowers on top.  I glued and spaced the leaves and flowers out along the top left to bottom center part of the wreath.  I then hot glued in any 
extra leaves that I had left over.

After hot gluing the flowers in place, I hot glued the gourds into place, spacing them out amongst the flowers.  Make sure all pieces are firmly in place, and that you have removed all ‘strings’ of hot glue… they do not ‘add’ to the beauty of the finished wreath! :)

I then took my wired ribbon, and tied it around the wreath, knotting it on the bottom right side of the last sunflower.  I tied one bow, and then another bow on top, and then one more bow on top!  This is the EASIEST way to make a pretty bow.  I corner trimmed the edges and then fluffed the bow out to make a nice shape.  A pretty bow with little effort… the wired edged ribbon really makes all the difference!

 Finally, I took my letter “E” and painted it with the gold paint.  Because of the surface texture of the letter, it usually takes 3 coats of the paint. Make sure as you are brushing your paint on, that you are applying the paint in long even strokes that all move in the same direction. To speed the drying process, I use a hair dryer in between coats.  Make sure you paint all sides and edges, as these will be seen!  When the paint is completely dry, spray with your Krylon matte finish, and allow the letter to dry completely.  I then hot glued the letter in place on the right side of the wreath above the ribbon. 

Once you have completed all of this take a piece of your wired ribbon, as long as you need it to be to hang your wreath properly.  I simply made around the top part of the wreath and hung the wreath from a nail in the top of my door.  And FANTASTISIMO!

Wreath supplies- on sale, Time to create- minimal, Fun creating- too much, Final Results when hung on door- PRICELESS.  

Hope you will take this idea and run with it.  The wreath is FAST, FUN, and FALL FABULOUS!  Hope you are enjoying your Fall Season…

Living, Loving and Laughing,


Sunday, October 23, 2011


Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  

~Albert Camus

Fall is my FAVORITE time of year and I love decorating for the holidays! So here I am, continuing my 'Crazy Christmas Tree Around the Year"  blog, for FALL!  This tree reflects my love of fall, and my love of everything Fall represents!

I started with a trip to the Michaels, searching for 50% off items, to decorate my tree, and on the hunt for something to add that "CRAZY EXTRA SPARKLE"!  I found fall floral picks, miniature gourds and pumpkins, and silk leaves.  I located a pre-made wire bow, and picked up a bag of raffia for that 'extra' Fall touch... BUT! the "Extra Sparkle"?  I knew I had to head to the Krylon Paint Aisle, and there it was!  

Krylon Glitter Blast!!!!
This product is Fantastic! and I ended up using it on each item placed on the tree.

To start with, I laid newspaper down, and placed my gourds and picks on the paper... and then the glittering began!  I was CRAZY THRILLED with the results!  These cute, but plain tree decor items, took on a life of their own as I applied the glitter!  What a FAB way to dress up the tree!

After the paint had dried, I attached raffia to the leaves and the gourds and pumpkins to attach them to the tree.  I needed to punch holes in the silk leaves, and loop the raffia through to tie them on the tree.  The gourds and pumpkins, I merely tied the raffia around the stems.

Naked Tree: check, "CRAZY SPARKLING" Decor: check, Raffia & Ribbon: check, Determination to Dazzle: OH YEAH!

I began by inserting the picks into the tree, spacing them around for a balanced look.  I then  started tying the silk leaves and pumpkins and gourds on to fill things out.

I then tied on raffia bows and added the bow on top for a well balanced Fall look!

I was SO PLEASED! with my Crazy Fall Christmas Tree, but knew I needed to add those 'little' extras to complete the look, so I added a candle, some Fimo Clay Creations that I have created, and another little 50% off pumpkin to complete the look under the tree!

I am SO CRAZY PLEASED with my FALL CHRISTMAS TREE... hope you enjoy it, and will find inspiration to keep YOUR Christmas Tree up YEAR AROUND!

I leave my Christmas Tree up year around, NOT because I am lazy, but because I LOVE Creatively Celebrating EACH and EVERY season in a special way!  And there is NO better way to express your creativity, than by hanging your creations from the branches of a tree!  Happy Fall, and Happy Creating!

Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.  ~George Eliot

Living, Laughing and LOVING FALL,


Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Crazy Favorite Fall Projects~ Starting with Crazy Delish Chicken Noodle Soup!

I am CRAZY in LOVE with this time of year!  Fall has always brought a sense of excitement and anticipation, since I was a young in’. As a child, I loved the crisp fall breeze, the crunch of the beautifully colored leaves under my feet!  I adored hayrides, bonfires, roasting marshmallows.  I LOVED going to the pumpkin patch as a family, and choosing the PERFECT pumpkin, or two… or…  ; )  Our pumpkins would eventually be carved into CRAZY CREATIVE designs~ whether ghoulish or simply cute.  There was nothing like seeing our finished pumpkin friend grinning at us, candle lighting up his smile! 
I loved pulling out and donning my fall sweaters, and eventually my chosen Halloween costume, for the most festive of evenings for a child!

As an adult, I LOVE the smells, cider, cinnamon, a scented fall candle.  I experience CRAZY, IMMENSE pleasure in cooking ‘fall weather’ foods- soups, casseroles, anything pumpkin!  I love decorating for the fall, yes with a pumpkin included, and of course my FALL inspired Year Around Christmas Tree!!!! (blog coming)  I love being outdoors and seeing the changes along the gulf coast.  Even though we do not have the gorgeous foliage changes here, like I did as a child up north, we still have our leaves that do change as well as a 
plethora of flowers that are still blooming.  

Oh! I am simply inspired, and so in love with this time of year, 
that I will be doing quite a bit of blogging for you over the next few months.

 For the first in this string of CRAZY FALL BLOGS, I thought I would focus on some of my CRAZY~FALL~ COMFORT, foods that are family and friend approved! : )  There is nothing like cooking a pot of soup that warms you to the bone.  Or, how about a crockpot dish that wafts delicious smells that will greet you as soon as you walk in the door!  What a wonderful way to be welcomed home!  I will also share a few DELISH side dishes, and beverages that I LOVE to prepare during the fall!  I will be including pictures, recipes, and instructions.  There recipes that I am sharing,  while they may have been inspired by another recipe,  are  all my OWN recipes that have been recreated to fit my families tastes, or my personal tastes, so most recipes, while they may have been inspired, are indeed my own creations.  I hope you will enjoy, and I hope you will be adventurous, even if cooking is not your strong point.  These are easy recipes, but crowd pleasers, as well as family, fall warming favorites!

And today we begin with an oldie but goody:
 “Crazy Delish Chicken Noodle Soup”!

*1 chicken
*1 onion sliced-divided
*4 stalks of celery, chopped- divided
*1 pkg. of carrot chips or 4 carrots peeled, and chopped- divided
*4 cloves of garlic, minced- divided
*1 tsp Italian seasoning- divided
*1 tsp parsley- divided
*1 tsp garlic salt- divided
*1 tsp black pepper- divided
*2 tsp salt- divided
*4 c reserved chicken stock
*1 large can chicken broth (contains 6 cups)
*1 can Cream of Chicken Soup
*3 cups medium egg noodles

Rinse your chicken, and make sure you pull the neck out of the cavity.  Place the chicken in a large pot and cover with water.  
Add 1/2 of onion, celery, carrots, garlic and 1/2 of all spices. 

Bring to a rolling boil. 

 Turn the temperature down slightly, and allow to boil for 1 hour.  Take the pot off the stove, and reserve 3 cups of the chicken stock.  Set the chicken aside to cool and discard the remainder of the pot.

Once the chicken is cooled, remove the meat from the chicken. 

Pour the chicken broth and reserved chicken broth into your large pot. Add the chicken, the can of Cream of Chicken soup 
and the remaining half of all vegetables and spices. 

 DO NOT add egg noodles yet.  Allow the pot to boil, reduce heat and cook for about 30 minutes.  Add the egg noodles and allow to cook for 8 more minutes.

Dish your soup up in your favorite bowls, and snuggle up in a warm blanket and be ready to enjoy your Crazy Delish Chicken Soup. I always like to cook some corn muffins to go with the soup~ Yummo! This will warm you up and add a touch of joy to your Fall day!  
I hope you will cook and then enjoy!  
Bon Appetit!

Living Laughing and LOVING the FALL!