Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My "CRAZY CUTE" Easter Place Cards..."CHEEP" and FUN!

I was so inspired by another crafter's Easter Place card!  I will start out by giving credit where credit is due!  Jennifer Hadfield shared this little beauty below!  
I mean~REALLY~ Jennifer's Place cards are the BOMB, 
and here is a link to her site! 
The pictures and all directions are on her blog!

I decided that I too needed to make some crafty, creative, crazy, little place cards, to mark each special individuals place, who would be sharing Easter Dinner with me!  But, not having the letterbox press tool that Jennifer was blessed to have, my creative, improvisational brain kicked into gear and here is what I came up with!

The great thing is that each place card cost me roughly only about $2.50 to make. I am going to share with you step by step, how I created my place cards, and give you a list of things needed to make these little cuties!  And then, I hope you are inspired to create something CRAZY FANTASTIC of your own for your Easter Dinner Table!

I headed off to Michael's Craft store with ONE thing in mind and came out with something all together different!  I am truly crazy that way.  I could not find a decent sized nest for a good price, so I checked out the 40% off Easter 'goodies aisle' and found these adorable little containers, marked down to $1.19 a piece!  An idea and a picture began to form in my mind.  Why not create the base of my place card from these containers?  YES!  I loved the idea.
I also purchased the little chicks you see in the box.  I got them for $1.19 making them about $.07 a piece in the place card.  The Reese's Peanut Butter Pastel Eggs were on sale, so I MIGHT have spent $.02 total on each place card. And the 'Easter' ribbon I got on sale for $.50~ I probably used about $.05 worth on each carton!  

The 'little' problem came with the Name markers Jennifer used, as I did not have the letterbox equipment, BUT!  I had a box of these fabulous little 'stock card' blocks, which  have different 'cut' edges. I purchased these at JoAnne Fabrics a few years ago.  I also had several plastic stencils which I purchased for clay work.  They are made by Making Clay, and purchased in the 'modeling clay' aisle at Michael's.  That stencil, combined with some acrylic paint, laid on top of the cards, gave me the look I was after... but, more on that later! = )  

I took my 'crazy' cute little Easter Crates and removed the lid.  I placed some tissue paper in the crate to act as a filler.  I cut enough of the Easter ribbon to go around the container, and then hot glued the ribbon around the rim of the bottom half of the crate, as it was left bare after the lid was removed! (messy glue gun I know, but it has seen a lot of action!)

I then laid green decorative moss on top of the tissue.  This can be purchased at any craft store. Then with glue gun in hand, (I  look VERY dangerous- lol)  I glued the lid upright to the back section of the container, holding it in place until the hot glue had dried!

How Crazy Cute is THIS!