Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crazy Fab Freedom... My July 4th!

I so loved my July 4th  for so many reasons.  I woke up celebrating the fact that I was free to live in a home which I chose, and which I was able to decorated in a way that I love! 
 (I celebrate the little things)  

I was free to spend time with the ones I love, laughing, speaking freely about serious subjects, silly subjects, spiritual subjects.  I was excited about the freedom to choose my activities for my holiday 'day' which consisted of shopping and lunch with 
my best friend Becky and my precious gal Katie.  

Followed by choosing to forgo 'cooking' dinner and instead ordering a pizza for the family and more friends!  And then, I was excited about choosing how the fam would spend the evening. We chose to attend an event we were all looking forward to!  We had the freedom to travel through our beautiful city to a PRIMO spot- 
a balcony overlooking the beautiful Pensacola Bay. 

We enjoyed the most fantastic fireworks imaginable!  What a privilege it was to sit there with people I choose to share my life with, people I love, who enrich my life and bring me joy.  What a privilege it was to view the beauty of the Pensacola Bay with the sparkling fireworks reflecting off the surface of the water. 

And most importantly, what a privilege to celebrate one of the most special of holidays!  The 4th of July, a celebration of independence, and freedom, for which many brave individuals paid such a dear price,
 so that I might make simple, to life changing choices.

July the 4th~ full of fun, family, friends, food, fireworks!  I am So Grateful to God for this day which He gave me... a day of freedom which consisted of making choices on how to live my life,  and the freedom I find in Him, as a result of being His child.  

Freedom, brings me joy, love and such amazing laughter.  Hoping you enjoyed your day of freedom with the same joy love and laughter!