Sunday, May 29, 2011


A CRAZY BEAUTIFUL DAY at Pensacola Beach!

Yes, the sand TRULY is sugar white, and the water some of the most beautiful blues, aquas and greens you can imagine.  The surf is calming and the cry of the sea gulls beautiful.

Welcome to Pensacola Beach, known as the 
'Home of the Sugar White Beaches". A few blogs ago, I loved taking you on a tour of Downtown Historic Pensacola, but I am now loving taking you on a trip to our beautiful beaches, as I visit with my kids and their friends.

Here is a great link to Pensacola Beach ~ where to stay,
 the many eateries and attractions in the area!

I am not a ‘get in the water and swim’ type of gal.  I enjoy sitting on a blanket, or taking pictures, or playing in the sand, or searching for driftwood and seashells, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, watching the kids play in the water.   After working up an appetite we head off to one of my favorite restaurants!

So grab your flipflops, your best sunscreen ~ no burning allowed ~ and a towel, and walk along the beach with me.

Pensacola Beach has many places on the Beach itself where you can stop and find some privacy and room to spread out.  I am going to just share what you will see as you visit our beach.  Here are some beautiful shots of the water and surf.   The colors of the water, never cease to take my breath away.  I love digging my toes in the cool sand, and then running to the water’s edge to be refreshed by a wave or two washing up my leg. 

I have to admit that I am a sucker for the seagulls.  There is NOTHING like watching them hang in the air, as if by a string, as they wait for a crumb of something to be thrown their way.  My kids get so irritated with me, but I always take something for my feathery friends, and then enjoy the ‘following' I have until we leave! : )

The kids  love to splashing and playing in the surf, running into the water, take silly pictures of each other.  There is nothing like spending a day at the beach with your friends.  Relaxing, listening to music, eating junk food  (that I feed to the gulls! Lol), and drinking cold sodas from the cooler.  Just being with my kids is one of those ‘play days’ I discussed several blogs ago.  I capture the essence of their youthful, carefree spirit, and it runs over me, and soothes me, and soon I am giggling with them as I enjoy the salt air, the sand and the sounds.

Before long, I am in pursuit of sea shells.  On this day, I found some small shells which are pictured here.  I love shells!  Like snowflakes, each is so individual and so beautiful.  I love the different shapes, sizes colors… and the driftwood… so pretty so uniquely shaped due to it’s time spent in the water and then on the sand.  I love to collect the smaller pieces. 

Pretty soon after soaking up the rays it is time to go eat, and one of my favorite beach eateries is “CRABS ~ We Got ‘EM”  Best seafood, for affordable prices, and the mini donuts with honey as a 'free appetizer; are the BOMB!  Great food, good prices, and a SPECTACULAR view of the water!

New to Pensacola Beach is Margaritavillle! 
Inspired by the lyrics and lifestyle of Jimmy Buffett, this is the perfect setting for guests who want to escape the everyday, engage their senses and make lasting memories. Anyone who has ever dreamed of escaping to a tropical island and sipping a margarita will enjoy being immersed in the Margaritaville experience at this hotel. I will be heading there next weekend when school ends!!!

The Margaritaville Beach Hotel in Pensacola Beach sits on over 800 feet of gulf-front property. An additional 800 feet overlooks the bay. The new beachfront hotel features ‘barefoot elegance’ with 162 newly appointed guest rooms, including 24 Corner King Executive rooms with wrap-around balconies.

As you can see, I do live near one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you have not read my blog about the Downtown Historic District, I invite you to go back and check it out. Such a wonderful trip back in time to one of the oldest settlements in Florida. And then after you have read that, and seen the beaches, you will have TWO CRAZY, MARVELOUS reasons to come and visit Pensacola! And believe me,there is so much more to see. I am thinking I may need to take you along for a visit to the Naval Aviation Museum. A truly wonderful place to visit! The museum houses the world’s largest aviation collection. Located aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola, this historic treasure boasts more than 150 beautifully restored aircraft, hands-on exhibits and more than 4,000 artifacts representing Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard aviation.

  1. Until then I will be blogging about a new craft project or meal, or my next play day! I hope to see you again soon. If you come to Pensacola for a visit, I would love to dig my toes in the sand with you!

Living, Laughing, and Loving the beach life,


***FYI picnic is a great facebook app which allows you to photoshop your photos for free!