Saturday, April 30, 2011


Wanted to create a Crazy Cute wreath for my front door... I stumbled across this fab wreath:
made by Susan... and was SO inspired to create something like it but with my flair and touch!
So kudos to Susan for her beautiful wreath, and the inspiration I received after reading her blog... please go check it out!

SO, you can see what I came up with... my 'HOME TWEET HOME' wreath!  I wanted to spend 'little money', but come up with something adorable.  The wreath cost me $10.00 to make.  I found many of the items at a 2nd hand store, or on sale at a local craft store.  You have to hunt, but you will be amazed at the bargains you will find!

Now, onto the directions, and items you will need!

You will need:
*grapevine wreath- found mine at the mission for $2.00
*bird nest with eggs- again at the mission for $2.o0
*chalkboard- on sale for $.50
*Green wire edged ribbon on sale for $3.20
*Birds on sale for $1.99
*Green Moss
*Ribbon Scraps- to hand chalkboard
*White paint
*Matte acrylic sealer
* Hot glue gun

Create your wreath hanger by taking a 24" piece of your ribbon you purchased and tie it around the top of the wreath.  Hot glue the loose pieces at the top of the ribbon to form the hanger.  Lay the rest of the ribbon behind the hanger to create your bow!

I make my ribbons just by tying one loop on top of another, and because it is wire rimmed it makes it easy to shape!

I cut the ribbon at an angle on the ends to give it a finished look!

Hot glue the moss onto the bottom left hand side of your wreath

Hot Glue the Bird nest onto the moss, then your birds onto your nest.

I hand sketched the words onto the slate, and then painted over top.  It took about 3 coats of paint to completely cover the slate.  Once the paint had dried, I sprayed a matte acrylic sealer on top to protect the paint!

I drilled two holes on either side of the chalkboard, and then using some scrap ribbon, I pushed the ribbon through one hole, knotted it and hot glued it to secure it.

I then ran the loose edge of the scrap ribbon, through the bottom of the ribbon 'hanger', and pushed the scrap ribbon through the other hole, knotted and hot glued to secure!

I then hung the CRAZY CUTE "TWEET" little wreath from my door... welcoming all family, friends, and new acquaintances who may enter.  This was a Fun, Fabulous, Fantastically inexpensive project for my front door. 

Hope you enjoyed the blog, and hope you will be inspired to create a crazy 'tweet' wreath to welcome sojourners who cross your doorstep!

Living, Laughing and Loving my 'Tweet' Life,



  1. Fun! And I do love your red door--a must on charming "period" homes.

  2. It really is Melissa.... = ) the wreath makes me smile... and hopefully will make everyone feel welcome... have enjoyed your last blogs!