Tuesday, May 31, 2011



On Saturday, I completed one of the Crazy Fun Jobs that I LOVE!  Yes I am crazy enough to work multiple jobs!  My primary job: I am an elementary music teacher at one of the best schools in Escambia County Florida.  Extra ‘fun’ jobs, I play as a wedding violinist at beach weddings along the Gulf Coast, I teach multiple private students, and I am also creating greeting cards with nature that I have photographed, I design jewelry, and I am starting to paint pictures for clients of their adorable pets.

The “Hat” I wore on Saturday, was my wedding violinist hat.  I LOVE working with the brides, but better yet, I love standing on the beach with bare feet, my violin tucked under my chin, playing melodies I love as I look over the ocean.  I so love the peace and serenity combined with the creative process of making music… it almost does not seem like work!

Saturday was a picture perfect day.  Not a cloud in the sky, beautifully colored waves of water washing up on the shore, a nice ocean breeze, and a crowd of happy wedding attendees.  I love watching the happy bridal party as they process down the sand! And as I play, I just look at the ocean, and thoughts of gratitude fly up to the heavens for such a wonderful way to use my talents.  Maybe one day if you are walking along the Gulf Coast Beach, you may see me playing for a wedding!  Make sure you throw some rice at me… gently of course! : )

 Now off to my next exciting job!

Living, Laughing and Loving, my jobs,


“Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God.”
–Job 37:14


  1. after attending a gulf coast wedding not sure there is anything more beautiful!!! great that you are using your talents where you love it!

  2. thanks Kathy, and yes I TRULY LOVE IT! they are the most beautiful weddings ever! I would love to see pics of yours! ; )