Friday, May 13, 2011


  I know many people believe that their hometown is the best place to live, but I am just CRAZY enough to believe that my hometown is not only the best place to live, but a CRAZY GREAT VACATION SPOT!

Just a little history from this great link ~!

Spanish sailor Don Tristan de Luna arrived in Pensacola on Aug. 15, 1559, establishing the first European settlement in the United States. One month later, a hurricane destroyed supplies, eventually causing the Spanish to flee the area.

In 1698, Fort San Carlos de Austria became the first permanent settlement in Northwest Florida. Remains of the fort can be found at Naval Air Station Pensacola.

Having been ruled by Spain, France, Britain, the Confederacy and the United States, Pensacola has earned the nickname“City of Five Flags.”  The picture above is one I took at a recent festival showing our Five Flags!

I took a trip down to the Pensacola Historic Village which is truly a trip back into the beautiful and rich historical culture of Pensacola Florida!  Here is a link to the Pensacola Historic Village which will give you great information on all the sites there are to see!

In fact, why not put on your sneakers, and come along on a walk with me, as I give you a picture tour of this Incredible Historic District!

My MOST favorite spot is the Old Christ Church located in the District.  The Old Christ Church was built in 1832, and is a beacon of historic preservation.  Old Christ Church is one of the oldest churches in Florida.  The architecture inside and out is so stunning.  As a violinist, I have played many a wedding and solo concert within this church's walls, and the acoustics are musicians 'dream come true'.  The landscape of the property is strewn with orange trees, that are at this very moment bearing fruit!  This church holds so many memories for me, and I am sure memories for many others from years gone by!

Another lovely home is the Julle Cottage. This well preserved little cottage in Pensacola was constructed in 1805 and was the home of Julee Panton, a free woman of color, well before the Civil War.  The Cottage is just adorable and the grounds are covered with beautiful flowers and plants native to the Gulf Coast.

One of the homes I enjoy, due to a personal interest of mine, is the LaValle House.  This house is separated from the Julle Cottage by a small green space containing this lovely garden... and I do have such an interest in gardening! The garden is planted and maintained by Escambia County Master Gardeners. A variety of greens and lettuce are the winter crop.  In the summer, the kitchen garden has an abundant crop of tomatoes, eggplant, green peppers and squash, and as you can see a few of those beauties are starting to peak out!

One of the more "spirited houses" in the historic district is the Dorr House.  The Dorr House is one of the best-preserved post-Civil War Classic Greek Revival homes still standing in Pensacola, Florida. The deep-yellow house sets closely to the Old Christ Church. This grandeur neighborhood was known for its prestigious residents during the late 1800s.  Clara Barkley Dorr received proceeds upon her husband's death, she purchased the lot on the west side of Seville Square and built the Dorr House.

This home's most infamous secret may be the tales of the spirits that haunt the Dorr home. Tour guides have admitted to being uneasy when giving tours and have told stories of shadows,  pulling on clothes, and reported  objects being moved around.  Historical records show that some of the Dorr children died while living in the home. Locals, who speak of the spirit, believe it is the ghost of Clara who refuses to leave her charming home.  Crazy Spooky!

You will not be left thirsty or hungry as you tour the Historic District.  Two new hot spots getting rave reviews are the Pensacola Bay Brewery, and right next door Dolce!  The Pensacola Bay Brewery,  and the coffee shop are in the perfect setting amongst towering Live Oak Trees with long  flowing strands of Spanish Moss hanging from their branches. 

The Pensacola Bay Brewery, sells souvenir pint glasses and fills them for free. You can also “rent” a pint glass which comes with a free fill of beer with every rental. A popular way to go also is the deal where, if you buy a souvenir mug you get a free sampling of all the beers being currently brewed.  
A fun way to try their 'wares'!

Just next to the Brewery you will run into Dolce!  Dolce is housed in what was originally the shotgun home known as the Moreno Cottage.  The Moreno Cottage was part of a family compound built in 1870.  Dolce is a tiny little cafe serving gelato, coffee, and handmade candies.  
This cute little shop is a sweet stop along your way!

You will also find a wonderful park called "Fountain Square Park".  This picturesque park, located just below Seville Square, provides a memorable outside event location that over looks Pensacola Bay.  I just love the three tier fountain, and the sparkling water in the sunlight.  Also in the park I found some hand carved wooden statues propped up in the trees.  I laughed at the creativity and the spirit in which they were placed and just HAD to take a picture!

Me at work!

I once again have to say, that the Pensacola Historic District is a CRAZY FANTASTIC place to visit... and I haven't even shown you the ocean yet... that is another blog!  Even though I live here, I thoroughly enjoyed stepping back in time to visit this beautiful piece of history! What a treat it would be for you to come for a CRAZY FUN VACATION!

I hope you have enjoyed your walk back in history, and I hope I have given you enough of a 'tease' to want to come visit my CRAZY, BEAUTIFUL hometown~ Pensacola, Florida!

Livin', Laughin' and Lovin' my hometown,


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  1. OOOOO.... just wait till you see the whole thing... finishing it up tomorrow! I LOVE IT!!!! =)

  2. I love your pictures! I have always wanted to go to Penasacola - maybe one day... Can't wait to see what you do with the mosaic. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  3. Debra, I loved visiting your blog, and I would LOVE to have you come visit my truly lovely home town. Wait till you see my blog about the beaches... you will be sold! BUT mosaic first! LOL! Have a GREAT evening!

  4. What a beautiful place to live!! You are so lucky.


  5. Jen,I feel like one blessed cookie! = ) Would LOVE to have you come for a visit! ANYTIME! lol