Friday, September 9, 2011


It has been forever since I have blogged.  My summer was crazy and I LOVED IT!  And then school has started and I am having a BLAST teaching my sweet kiddos the 'crazy' joy of music.  BUT, I did undertake a small project that I would like  to share with you.  My: "Change a CRAZY PLAIN CORNER” of a room, into a “CRAZY COZY CREATIVE NOOK” to reflect my personality and provide a cozy place to chat and have a treat with my closest of friends.

One of my favorite rooms in my 100 year old, historic home, is what I call my formal “RED ROOM”.  When we moved into this house  6 years ago, the room was HIDEOUS.  Ugly wainscoting, ugly peeling wallpaper! OH dear; take a look for yourself!  The top picture shows the LOVELY wallpaper, and the picture below, shows the room AFTER we peeled the wallpaper away to reveal the plaster walls!

As this room is right off the foyer of my front entrance, and the room boasts a gorgeous antique chandelier, I knew I wanted a formal room to welcome guests, as I already had a large family room/den in the back of the house.  I wanted a rich, warm, peaceful and serene atmosphere when people entered the room and sank into the large, soft and comfy sofas and chairs I purchased.

I already had chosen pictures, decorative and antique mirrors and an antique letterbox to hang on the walls.  I went to Second hand stores and Thrift sales to purchase tables, wardrobes and chairs to decorate.  But there still remained one corner, which sat empty and void except during Christmas when we use the space to showcase our beautiful Christmas tree.

So one day as I sat in my peaceful, quiet and serene room, the ‘serene’ feeling left as I looked at my ‘CHRISTMAS TREELESS” corner!  I KNEW something had to be done, and as I was in the mood for a project I thought that recreating that little corner would be a fun project to undertake!

I had a spare little antique table that fit perfectly!  And to keep the peaceful feeling going, I KNEW I wanted some special things to put on the table.  1) a cozy lamp, 2) a  lavender scented candle (yum), 3) a water fountain… (I own stock in the company that creates these!) 4) something “glass” to match the room, and a picture.  SO, it was off  to forage, hunt, find and create the perfect little oasis of a corner!

 (my boys enjoying the additions)

As I said, I already had a lovely little antique table that a friend had given to me, and I had a spare lace doily waiting to be used!  First step accomplished.  I got a fabulous 40% coupon for Michaels off of the computer, and dashed over to purchase my  Lavender candle.  Lavender is one of the most relaxing of scents!  Here is a little tidbit about Lavender… Romans used lavender oils for bathing, cooking, and scenting the air, and they most likely gave it the Latin root from which we derive the modern name (either lavare--to wash, or livendula--livid or bluish). The flower's soothing "tonic" qualities, the insect-repellent effects of the strong scent, and the use of the dried plant in smoking mixtures also added to the value of the herb in ancient times.”  Lavender was a must!

I went to Walmart, where I found my lovely little fountain… there is nothing like the sound of tinkling water, and the smell of lavender, while you are sitting and relaxing with a book, or with a cup of coffee and a friend!  I was then off to the thrift shop, where I found my lamp and my lovely pitcher, which perfectly matched the colors of the room. 

BUT SOMETHING WAS MISSING!  I wanted a painting to capture something I loved most, and I could think of nothing other than my sweet cat Sox... who loves me and snuggles with me every night.  I caught this adorable black and white of him on camera and then set to work painting.  As you have read before, painting is one of my passions and loves, because of the joy and relaxation it brings… and here are the picture/ painting results.


I really must give my "people lover"  'Nermal' credit for my Sox painting idea as he posed so beautifully for me while I was decorating! : )

So, I had successfully completed a simple, yet “CRAZILY EXQUISITE” touch to my empty corner.  And the comments have been nothing short of~ FABULOUS.  It takes so little money to totally change the atmosphere and aura of a room.  This was a very inexpensive project that has yielded fantastic results.

Don’t be afraid to move furniture around to suit your needs, or to second hand shop, or to search online for coupons.  We women have the gift of making our ‘house’ a ‘haven’… USE your right brained creativity to recreate a corner of your room!  I WOULD LOVE to see what you come up with!  Feel free to send me your successes to:  I would love to feature them in my next blog.  Most importantly, have fun, creating the life you love!

 Living, Laughing and Loving to CREATE!



  1. Fabulous job, Patti! Oh I love (and miss) those period homes--they bring such character and history to our lives.
    You continue to inspire!

  2. Thanks Melissa.... I have one other house project I will be posting! You need to come visit my house! Would love to have a cup of coffee with YOU in my cozy red room! hugs!