Thursday, October 27, 2011


When people walk up the steps to my front door, my desire is for them to see my LOVE of FALL, and to immediately feel a FALL welcome as they announce their arrival.  I created a Fall Fab, Easy Wreath that ANYONE can recreate! NOW is the time to create your wreath, as most fall d├ęcor is marked down anywhere from 40-60% and THEN, with some online coupon searching, I always look at the Michaels online page for their current sales and coupons! I also always purchase the Sunday newspaper for the Michaels coupons! 
Searching, maximizes your savings!!! 
P.S. if you are a teacher or military, ask Michaels if they offer a discount.  I get a 15% discount at all times as a school teacher!

 I found my coupons, and headed off to Michaels.  I spent just $18.00 making this gorgeous wreath, which will be good for years to come, and is very individualized...
with the letter “E” for Easton!  :)

The supplies I used are as follows:
Grapevine Wreath
Pumpkin/ Beaded 5 ft garland
Small decorative Gourds
A bunch of Sunflowers
Green Wire Ribbon
The letter “E”
Krylon Glitter Blast Paint
Americana Gold Paint 
Krylon Matte finish Spray
Glue gun and sticks

I started by using the Krylon Glitter Blast on all of the floral and decorative components, except for the letter and the ribbon.   After the objects had dried, I laid the Pumpkin/Beaded garland 
on the wreath and hot glued into place.

Then on the left side of the wreath, I began hot gluing the glittered leaves and then hot glued the sunflowers on top.  I glued and spaced the leaves and flowers out along the top left to bottom center part of the wreath.  I then hot glued in any 
extra leaves that I had left over.

After hot gluing the flowers in place, I hot glued the gourds into place, spacing them out amongst the flowers.  Make sure all pieces are firmly in place, and that you have removed all ‘strings’ of hot glue… they do not ‘add’ to the beauty of the finished wreath! :)

I then took my wired ribbon, and tied it around the wreath, knotting it on the bottom right side of the last sunflower.  I tied one bow, and then another bow on top, and then one more bow on top!  This is the EASIEST way to make a pretty bow.  I corner trimmed the edges and then fluffed the bow out to make a nice shape.  A pretty bow with little effort… the wired edged ribbon really makes all the difference!

 Finally, I took my letter “E” and painted it with the gold paint.  Because of the surface texture of the letter, it usually takes 3 coats of the paint. Make sure as you are brushing your paint on, that you are applying the paint in long even strokes that all move in the same direction. To speed the drying process, I use a hair dryer in between coats.  Make sure you paint all sides and edges, as these will be seen!  When the paint is completely dry, spray with your Krylon matte finish, and allow the letter to dry completely.  I then hot glued the letter in place on the right side of the wreath above the ribbon. 

Once you have completed all of this take a piece of your wired ribbon, as long as you need it to be to hang your wreath properly.  I simply made around the top part of the wreath and hung the wreath from a nail in the top of my door.  And FANTASTISIMO!

Wreath supplies- on sale, Time to create- minimal, Fun creating- too much, Final Results when hung on door- PRICELESS.  

Hope you will take this idea and run with it.  The wreath is FAST, FUN, and FALL FABULOUS!  Hope you are enjoying your Fall Season…

Living, Loving and Laughing,



  1. Gorgeous project! You are so talented!!

  2. Beautiful wreath, you are so creative and I love your posts!

  3. I just featured you on my facebook page.


  4. Cheri... thank you SO MUCH ... i am SO EXCITED!! : )

  5. Sooo creative and beautiful.. I absolutely love this.. I have a linky party happening for Christmas ornaments and I will LOVE for you to please share this lovely feature with me and my friends please : )) --wishing ya a great start to your week. TY

  6. Marilyn! Thank you SO MUCH!!!! I have linked it to your page. How sweet of you to ask. I am so honored to be a part of your linky party! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!:)