Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Last Day of Thanksgiving Break- and I am still happy or delusional- there is still question about this matter!

Where did the time go?  Oh, I remember.  I spent the time making Christsmas cards, finishing my first CD, cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family, napping, crafting, watching movies... creating memories.

What a year to be Thankful for.  The biggest blessing without a doubt was living though my car wreck.  Having that feeling that I had been given the chance to go and do something with my life.  Things have been crazy around here but despite the hassels of getting a car, coordinating driving and running around with only one car- remember the almost 18 year old Katie and her VERY social activity calendar!  I have learned to be joyful and peaceful.  And I have worked very hard to be positive and eliminate the negatives in my life.  What a difference that has made.

As I sit at 6:20 a.m. on the last day before school starts again, what will I do with my day?  I will be thankful first of all... that my husband is just across the room 'SAWING LOGS'!  lol  Just means he is here. I am thankful that I have my almost adult kid, and one almost 18 year old definite drama queen! (Katie I love you, BUT where DO you get that from- ha!) up in their beds where I can peek in on them and remember days gone by, and be thankful that I still have them even for the limited time that they will be residing in their mom's house.  I am grateful that I can sit here with a heart full of gratitude for a GREAT vacation, and then sit and quietly plan my day.  I am happy to sit and say,  life is good.  God has given me this life and I am going to LIVE IT and live it to the fullest!

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