Saturday, December 4, 2010

Technology is Insane! But I love it!

Yesterday was proof to me that our teenagers live in crazy technological world.  While playing on Facebook, I began to receive Instant Messages from my daughter who was sitting just across the room from me.  We each laughed as we heard the 'ding' of a  message being received.  We 'chatted' about our plans for the weekend, about the Christmas Tree Lighting she had just attended with friends, about the cute boy she had just met! In the craziness of that moment, I felt the need for her to see the words... "I LOVE YOU".  I felt such incredible warmth in my heart as I received a return message, "Mom I love you SOOOO much"! We shut down our computers, hugged, and laughed about the fact that we had just shared a 'new age technolgical' moment.  I am blessed that we still share the old fashioned ability to talk face to face too, but this kind of communication was a first and I sit here laughing as I type.

Last night, I became a tad bit upset at a modern day teenage fad called texting, as my son's cell phone went off at 1:15 in the morning, waking me out of a dead sleep.  Amused by technology at 1:15?   I think not.  BUT, then I started to think,  I have my son just down the hall,  I know he is safe and sound,  and I was overwhelmed with that 'crazy' love feeling for my firstborn.  He left for work early this morning , but you can bet your bottom dollar, when he walks in that door, I will thank him for the nightly interruption which reminded me of how much I love him, and how grateful I am to have him in my life.

Texting, about $7.99 a month.  Internet rate, about $50.00 a month.  My son and my daughter, and the capability to talk and share whether by phone, text, computer or face to face, PRICELESS!

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  1. I work HARD at being positive. I think teaching helps, since the munchkins count on their teacher to be happy!
    YOU are the special one and thank goodness for modern technology which is allowing us to cultivate a marvelous new and special friendship!