Monday, December 27, 2010

My NOT so Crazy Christmas!

I woke up to a chilly Christmas morning, It was is so easy to remember in the not too distant past, 2 little sets of feet running to say, "SANTA WAS HERE! LET'S GET UP"! Well on THIS Christmas morning, with 2 much older children still asleep in their beds, I was the one excitedly waiting for THEM to 'nonchalantly' drag themselves up and say... time to get up? But there IS a secret...

Christmas Eve night, as I sat wrapping the 'two hooligans' gifts, I could hear a noise from upstairs. It was the above named 'hooligans', now 18 and 20 as they were sitting in Wes's room talking and laughing... not punching and screaming, but actually getting along, and it hit me: THEY WERE EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS!

As I sat in bed, on Christmas morning, in peace and silence and serenity, I was mentally shouting, "SANTA WAS HERE KIDS! GET UP!" I am realizing, that while times have changed, the joy of Christmas will never change. We may just express our feelings and attitudes a little differently as we age and experience life and its changes.

As it turned out, the day was peaceful, magical and different in a CRAZY sort of way that I never expected. The Easton household set a new record as it took us over an hour to open up the gifts we had purchased! We enjoyed just sitting, talking and reminiscing about Christmases past. It was a day when my heart actually embraced and rejoiced in the changes. It was a day when I said to myself, I am getting older, my kids are growing up, and I am just fine with that today.

Now I sit here with another week of vacation ahead of me! Plans? Oh my yes! Plans for relaxation, crafting, family, friends. And, I am spending time reflecting on this past year of craziness; a year of lessons learned, victories achieved, and personal growth in abundance. I embrace the New Year coming, in the way I always do, with excitement and a twinkle in my eye, knowing that there are MANY crazy and fun adventures ahead. I can hardly wait! My newest, craziest, most exciting thing planned? Changing my diet and fitness habits. I don't plan on eating like a rabbit and running to the gym every day, but I plan on trying a Vegan diet, thanks to wisdom and encouragement from my Vegan guru and wild and crazy friend Gwen! I plan on taking walks around my lovely neighborhood, and working up a sweat as I enjoy the scenery of the bay which surrounds me and magnolia lined neighborhood in which I live. And I plan on spending time each day reflecting on my blessings and thanking God for using my 'crazy' life to help others realize how truly sane they are! ; ) Or at least bring a smile to someone who may actually read my silliness.

Last night, I took a little Facebook quiz! "What will 2011 bring for you?" I laughed with pure joy and happiness as I read the following prediction: "Patti got HAPPINESS!! 2011 will be a very happy year for you,and you will have many laughs and good times!" I expect nothing else! NOTHING LESS! As I am often heard saying "I have a mental party going on at all times!"

I pray that each one of you, experienced your own Christmas magic and love with your families this year, and I pray that as you look ahead, you will find a year full of blessings, fun, joy, much laughter and and good times. God's blessings to you.

With love and laughter,


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