Sunday, April 17, 2011


To say I am "CRAZY" in love with my cats, would be an understatement!  These 3 lovable, crazy, critters, whom  have found me or whom I have rescued, have 'kneaded' a spot in my heart, and are forever entwined around my soul.  People may say that cats are fickle, persnickety, or aloof.  
I say, NOT my 3 boys!  They each have such individualistic personalities, as if they were each a child in a family~ united by family but so separate in temperament.  My 'furbabies' are lovable, sensitive, and 'oh so' comforting, especially when they curl up in bed with me to slumber and snooze.  So, come along and meet my furry family, and you too will fall in love!


Sox is my 'eldest'!  He was introduced to us by his mother, Jasmine, as we named her, a stray whom we adopted when we moved into our present home.  "Jasmine", unbeknownst to us was a new mommy.  We started feeding her and apparently she became SO comfortable with us, so trusting of us, that one day she came for a visit with a bundle in her mouth!  One by one, she brought her babies to our home and hid them in the foundation vents  under our house.  Oh, we felt SO blessed! The kittens would come out in the evening, and slowly  became familiar with us, to the point that we could bring them inside and cuddle, love and feed them.  We laughed as they played with each other, and giggled at their antics.  We eventually took the whole family to the vets, got their shots, and adopted all, but "SOX" our, TUXEDO LOVER, out to loving homes.  So, Sox joined our family and won his way quickly into all hearts who reside here!

"A cat's eyes are windows enabling us to see into another world." - Irish Legend

"Tuxedo cats are very elegant felines. They are definitely some of the best-dressed creatures I've ever seen. Indeed, tuxedos look like they're always ready to go the opera or a special gala." 

Sox~ doing what he loves best~ 'napping'


Nermal is the man, and named after Nermal, the 'cutesy' kitty from Garfield, who was despised for his cuteness!  We adopted Nermal when we decided Sox needed a friend and companion when the kids and I returned to school.  We went to the animal shelter seeking the perfect companion.  Nermal, although tiny showed enormous spunk, so he became the 'chosen one'.  We drove home with Nermal safely tucked in his carrier.  We were eager to witness the first time these two 'new friends' would meet!  This plan seemed like such a great idea, until they did indeed have their first encounter!  When Nermal and Sox met for the first time, it was 'hate' at first sight!  I went into my 'anxiety, crazy' mode, and called my friend who knows all there is to know about cats.  She told us to leave Nermal in the carrier and let them get to know each other.  Nermal's carrier quickly changed into a room of his own as Sox could not even stand the sight of him!  They quickly became friends while batting their paws together under the door!  Of course as I sit here typing, they are hissing and spitting at each other!  LOL!  I guess old habits die hard.  But, for the most parts they are good buddies, and will sit nicely together as good friends should.  Nermal is a definite 'people person', and makes the acquaintance of all who enter our home.  He brings us joy and laughter! 

Always curious... one of Nermals 'supervised' visits into the wild outdoors!

"When the tea is brought at five o'clock 
And all the neat curtains are drawn with care, 
The little black cat with bright green eyes 
Is suddenly purring there" -- Harold Monro


Tiger, our most elusive and shy kitty, while skittish around strangers, is so loving and so desirous of affection with our family.  Tiger, came from another of "Jasmine's" litters.  We caught as many of the litter as we could and once again, took them to the vets, got their shots, and adopted them out to loving families!  Tiger joined our family, and was a fabulous fit with the other two furry family members!  Tiger, is such a pretty Tabby.  We almost called him 'Professor McGonagall', due to the 'eye glass' like markings surrounding his eyes, but because he was male, we decided he would be highly offended... so TIGER he was named!  He brings such joy and contentment as he rubs against your leg, all the while continually endearing himself to your heart!

"What greater gift than the love of a cat?" - Charles Dickens

I seriously believe Tiger is saying "Dear Lord...." in the most reverent of manners!

The "Three Amigos" bring our family such joy.  I hope you have caught a little of each of their distinct personalities, through their pictures.  Might I be so bold to suggest, if you are looking for love, someone to give love to, and someone to express their love for you, adopt a cat today.  We have found that our three kitty treasures have brought our family such joy, laughter, memories to be treasured, and sheer 'crazy cat love'!

"I love cats because I love my home and after a while they become its visible soul."

- Jean Cocteau

Living, Laughing, and Loving my cats like 'crazy' 

and allowing them to leave the paw prints all over my heart!



  1. Miau en verdad! Gracias por su visita y vuelve pronto! = )

  2. While I've never had cats, and due to a severe cat allergy probably never will, I totally understand the place of pets in our lives and home!! Love the introduction to your special family members and each one's unique personality. <3

  3. Thanks Melissa... I am totally allergic to dogs! ha ha... but thankfully that led me to my beloved furry family members! I knew you would relate to this! Thanks for reading! : )

  4. Patti - Your preaching my song! Tiger is my favorite of the bunch. Our oldest cat HiRise was just as shy and had almost the same eyes and exact same color nose. My how I miss her. She pass away at age 23 1/2 years young this past November. Pets are truly wonderful blessings from above. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  5. Charlotte... pets truly are blessings from above!!! aren't they??? = ) I find my life so enriched with laughter and love by my three furry friends. I am so sorry to hear about HiRise... but it sounds like you have such wonderful memories of her! Would love to see a picture sometime. Hope you have a GREAT week too!