Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Fabulously Crazy Easter!

What a wonderful day, from start to finish!  

The day started off so wonderfully as I was blessed to be able to play my violin at a friend's church.  As I opened the church door, I was greeted by the smell of Easter Lilies, and OH the memories that rushed back from my childhood!  New clothes,  the Easter Bunnies visit, hunting for eggs.  So many wonderful memories!

I got home, and it was time for Easter baskets... YES CRAZY BUT TRUE!  I do believe that well behaved BIG KIDDOS still deserve Easter Baskets... so Easter Baskets they received!  I think I have as much fun making them as they do getting them!  

My husband and I, both being photography fanatics, NEVER end up in photos together!  Another "Crazy, but true fact", so it was essential to take the first picture in years!  I love this pic as I am a firm believer in hugs.  Hugs are precious and so important to give... not only on holidays, but on ordinary days when craziness is going on around us!  You never know what tomorrow holds, so HUG those you love like crazy.

Onto the Easter Feast!  Such a wonderful time to sit with the ones you love, to talk, to spend time reminiscing and then looking forward to what the next holiday may bring.  Dinners around the table are the tops!

We enjoyed our meal of roast beef, carrots the Easter Bunny left behind, = ) mashed tators & gravy, green bean casserole (always a  must have) and corn!  Our family enjoys comfort food, and in a crazy way, it always puts a warm smile on our faces, 
as well as a warm spot in our tummies!
and the Place Cards... 

Were a success!  It was SO much fun hearing my 21 year old son gush over his  place card.  I think he realizes just how 'crazy' his mom is about him... it is the little things that reach their 'big kiddo' hearts!

And the 'piece de resistance' ~ "Strawberry Shortcake"!  
SO Southern ~ SO 'crazy' yummy!
Again a comfort food.  And a MAJOR SUGAR RUSH
 after all of the candy! = )

And of COURSE I must include Nermal ~ my sweetie in the EASTER MIX!  He really does love his bunny!  I just caught him in this funny pose!  Our 'whole' family, cats included is ending the day with a blessed feeling in our hearts.
Blessed for the Special Easter Holiday where we celebrate our faith and belief in a Risen Savior, and the wonderful thought of spending eternity together.  Blessed, for the love we share for each other and blessed for the times that we know are 'the stuff that memories are made of'.  Memories that will never be stolen or taken.  Memories of joy, happiness, and crazy, crazy, love for each other and our future.

On Easter Day the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer ~Douglas Horton

Hoping your day was just as special, and just as memorable.
Living, Laughing, and Loving the moment,



  1. Stopping by to say "hi" and wish you a restful, WONDERful Spring Break!!!

  2. You too Melissa. Hope you had a wonderful Easter and ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY your holiday! xoxo

  3. Hey Patti- thanks for coming by my blog yesterday. I'm glad you got to remember your trips to the zoo. :) Your Easter table and food looked awesome! I am also a big fan of strawberry shortcake. Yum, just looking at the picture makes me hungry. :) Hope you and your family have a great week, and continue to be blessed. :)

  4. Thanks Jennifer.... So glad you stopped by, I THOROUGHLY enjoyed your blog, and am looking forward to following you... ooo I just peaked and you have a recipe posted... will have to go read and then try! = ) Hope you will come back and visit as I am posting a recipe today for some FAB Poppyseed chicken! You have a beautiful family and happy to have found you in the blogging world! Have a lovely day!