Monday, June 27, 2011


Oh how I am enjoying my summer… but not so much that I can’t spend time writing a blog about a valuable lesson I have recently learned in my Crazy Life. There is so much fun to be had when a teacher has time off ~ time with my husband, children and friends. Time shopping and going to the beach, and creating! Just SO MUCH TO DO! But.....

also time to write my blog, I am devoting this blog to “the masks we wear”. And YES! We ALL wear masks~ good or bad!

Oh I will be the first to admit, that when I am having a very, down day and someone asks, “How are you”, I will immediately pop on my SUPER SUNSHINE SMILE MASK, and proclaim, “GREAT”. It is because I do not want to unnecessarily burden someone else with my problems. I have always been that way. 

But I am going to reveal to you my most FAVORITE mask to wear and that is: My ‘Fairy Godmother” mask. A Fairy Godmother is one who: is a fairy or person with magical powers who acts as a mentor or parent to someone. Trust me when I say I KNOW I do not have magical powers, although I often think about how much fun it would be to say ‘BIPPITY BOPPITY BOO” and magically fix problems for people I love! Or, I like to pretend that I have a magic wand that whisks true joy happiness and contentment into the lives of all that I meet. As a wife, a mother, a daughter, sister, teacher, friend…. I have always felt the need to make people feel good. I love to try to help people through their problems. I love to make people laugh. My desire is, that after people have spent time with me, they will walk away feeling good. Do I fail? OH MY YES! I have my ‘grumpy moments’, my “I am too TIRED moments”, my moments when I fall prey to the ‘fiery tongue’! We all do. But as I grow older, I realize the necessity of showing genuine kindness, love and compassion. NOT that I should be a doormat, or accept less than the best. But, it is when I strive to be my best, when I strive to: Do to others as I would have them do to me (Luke 6:31), that I am able to best fulfill my purpose here on earth, and the cool thing: I don’t need a ‘fairy godmother mask’ to accomplish kindness, generosity, and love for my friends, and fellow man! I simply need to practice kindness with those I love and those I meet. 
“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” ~Mark Twain

Now onto another type of mask I have encountered recently. A mask that scares me, and makes me weary of those I meet. A mask that people wear that is deceptive, and used to hide their true intentions, or their true inner selves. The best mask I could think of for this type of “Mask Wearing Individual” is a Pirate’s Mask – AAARRRGGGHHH! 

A pirate by definition is one who: 
1. robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without commission
 from a sovereign nation. 

2. One who preys on others; a plunderer. 

I would like to ‘go on account’ as saying that I have recently experienced a ‘Blow me down’ moment, with a “pirate like” “friend”! “Shiver me Timbers’ I was shocked when unbeknownst to me someone who I believed was a fellow ‘fairy godmother,
 was actually 
a fiendish pirate ~ showering me with words of kindness, friendship, laughter and encouragement ! But in reality they were “keel hauling me”! (Keel Haul - another term made famous by pirates. This is the act of throwing a man overboard, tied to a rope that goes beneath the ship, and then dragging him from one side to the other and hauling him out. Besides the torment of being dragged under water, this would drag the victim across the barnacle studded ship's hull and cause great pain and injury. This was a serious punishment and not administered lightly. YIKES!) My body suffered no injury, but my heart, and my feelings, did indeed take a blow, and for a few days I must admit I did walk with ‘sea legs’ (a sailor who has trouble regaining his "land legs" and swaggers on land). But, with prayer and meditation I have recovered, and my new motto is “AVAST YE”~ simply put “"stop" and give attention.” To me that means, that I am now praying for discernment as I meet people ~ that I would see their true character before forming a friendship. “For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” Hebrews 4: 12 
If someone that  I meet, is wearing a pirates mask, I shall simply have to give them the order~ “Walk the plank”! I really have no time, or need in my life to be ‘flogged’ or ‘fed to the fish’! And neither do you! AYE? : ) 


God has given you one face, and you make yourself another. ~William Shakespeare 

Here is a WONDERFUL article, that goes into great detail about why people wear social masks! 

And here is an excerpt I found fascinating! 

“Besides acceptance, yet another reason why people wear masks is to gain respect, attention or some other personal motive that satisfies them, or in other words to get something from other people. Certain people try to project a certain personality to achieve his or her own personal motives, such as the Casanova who goes out of his way to show a girl that he cares for her personally just so that he can get her in bed with him, or the insecure lady boss who goes out of her way to intimidate her employees to serve her so that she can feel powerful and in control of her firm. The masks that people wear allows the person to not only hide undesirable qualities that they possess, but also portray a false image about themselves that can be used either to make people like and trust them, or to deceive people to fall into their traps.” 

I pray that I will always attempt to live a life of character and kindness. I know that at times, out of selfishness, I will fail, but with prayer, and surrounding myself with good people, I will be closer to my goal on a daily basis… “If you constantly find yourself around people who want to have you for breakfast, lunch and dinner, keep running, until you reach those who will applaud you.” (

I choose to be a ‘fairy godmother’ sans mask! SO, with laughter, I say, Bippity Boppity Boo, and I wish you a magical day filled with sunshine, discernment, and the earnest intent of showing kindness and caring toward others. 

Living, Loving, and Laughing as I share with others... minus my mask!


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