Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Yes I am continuing with my themed tree idea- leaving the Christmas tree up in hopes that can decorate it for each holiday or season.  I loved my Easter tree, but alas, as I tend to procrastinate in putting my Christmas tree up, I did the same with my Easter tree.  BUT, yesterday was a day of inspiration and I decided to decorate my tree to reflect several of my favorite things: the ocean, collecting shells, and the beautiful place in which I live.   So after a quick trip to Michael’s (my fav place to shop), I was ready to go!  P.S.  Here in Pensacola, there are sites on the internet where you can print downloadable coupons- and you can use a coupon a day for the whole week if you like.  Just type Michael’s daily coupon into your search engine and then look for the latest coupon.  

If you would like to decorate with a Seaside theme here is what you will need~
  • ·      Your Christmas Tree of course
  • ·      A strand of WORKING lights… I did find these at Michael’s in the bridal aisle.
  • ·      Sand Dollars
  • ·      Star Fish
  • ·      A Box of “Ocean Breeze” Potpourri… or something like it- mine contained shells, and starfish and other lovely sea items, and they smelled divine
  • ·      A bag of Raffia
  • ·      Any personal seashells you have collected!
  • ·      A drill with a titanium bit
  • ·      Aileen’s Tacky Glue

To start with, I drilled holes in all of the shells and the ‘potpourri balls.  You need a titanium bit to get through the shells, and for the most part I had great success without shattering but just one shell.   Use a solid object under the shells to drill~ I used an old book.  I did not drill the starfish, sand dollars, or pieces of driftwood.  
I just tied them on with the raffia!

Using a strand of raffia, double it, and then slide the looped end through the hole, just enough so you can push the other end through the loop and pull it tight to make a hanger!  Then tie with a bow on your tree…. SO EASY!   Let the ends dangle so you have raffia covering  your tree.

With the starfish, sand dollars, and drift wood, I just tied and knotted a piece of raffia around the object (the sand dollars have the little holes to make your loops~ just be gentle) and then tie onto the tree and make your bow!  Again, SO EASY!

With the perfumed balls… I did have the hole that I drilled.  I took a piece of raffia and doubled it, and tied a knot in the ‘doubled end’.  I stuffed the knot into the drilled hole and then secured with glue.  I allowed them to dry and then tied them onto the tree with the raffia and made another bow!

My topper was the left over raffia, which I allowed to dangle down the tree… so pretty.  This tree looks “BEACHY BEAUTIFUL” and smells divine with the potpourri sea creations!  I also love the many personal shells I hung, that I have collected over the years, and which bring back so many memories.  I put some of my favorite shells I have collected at the base, and a sea scent diffuser, as well as pictures I have made using shells and starfish.  (an cheap but great gift idea~ and another blog for another time!)

Now when I am teaching my violin lessons, I can take a quick peak at my tree, and think about my next trip to the beach which would be, let’s see, TOMORROW!

Loved the creative flow and today… off to the resale shops to find some more hidden treasures to recreate for my next blog!

"It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life."
~Julius Caesar

Hope you will find your creative streak today… it DOES THE SOUL SO MUCH GOOD!

Living, Laughing, and ABSOLUTELY LOVING my new Crazy Beach Tree!

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