Friday, December 30, 2011



My idea of starting the New Year off on the right foot~ creating a 'Crazy Fun Way' to implement 'visual' reminders of the 'attributes' and 'character qualities' I desire to have in my life. My motto has always been: “LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE”~ three things that I choose to fill my life with on a daily basis. But I also desire qualities that accompany the “3 L's”~ Joy, Peace, Contentment... Sometimes, just seeing those words in front of me, is a quick reminder to regroup and refocus. So, I came up with a creative way to put these words “INTO FOCUS”, so that they will be a daily reminder of what my life is to be about. I hope you enjoy this creative activity, as it is an activity that ANYONE can do, and it is just CRAZY enough for you to personalize for your own “visual cue cards”!

This project actually started out at a local good will store where I found a block of wood for 10 cents! I KNEW there was a project in that little block of wood and finally it came to me! As you will see! I also have used a wooden frame I got on sale at Michael's to show you another way to use wood with the paper, and Mod Podge!

Materials you will need:
A wooden object of your choice... SO MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM
Mod Podge
Aileen's Tacky Glue
Large Paint Brush
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Wide upholstery ribbon
Cut Out Letters of your choice... got mine on sale at Michael's
Large Square Scrapbook Paper of your choice


Make sure there are no rough edges on your wood piece, and if there are fine sand them away!

Tear your craft paper into large and small pieces, so that you have a variety of shapes to work with.

Using a large paint brush, generously coat your wood piece with the Mod Podge.

Begin on the top of your wooden piece, and place and smooth your paper onto the wood, eliminating all air bubbles. Add another coat of the Mod Podge with your brush, and using your fingers, smooth the paper into place.

Add your next strip of paper, and coat with Mod Podge. Cut the paper at corners and edges so you will be able to wrap and have a smooth surface.

Once all of your top and side surface is covered with your paper, generously apply another coat of Mod Podge and allow to dry according to directions.

To apply the decorative cord around the edge, use your glue gun on the edge of the wood, and apply the decorative cord applying pressure so that  it will adhere. I work the glue and edging around a few inches at a time.

Choose your “character word” you would like to see! And lay it out on the wood for proper spacing.

Use Aileen's Tacky glue to apply the letters to your wood surface. After I had all the pieces glued down, I used a few heavy books to make sure the letters were properly and firmly attached.

AND MWUAAH! It is as Easy as that! Here is a picture of the wooden block, and the picture frame I used to remind me to be filled with JOY< and to LOVE everyone, on a daily basis. Funny and Crazy thing? I still have more paper for another project... hmmm what word do I want to use? : )

This project is FAST, INEXPENSIVE, and MORE FUN than a game of ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS. Hope you will have fun making your own 'visual' JOYFUL reminders!

Living, Laughing and Loving as I start a NEW PROJECT!