Friday, December 30, 2011

A Crazy~Classy yet Inexpensive Invite~ it OOZES STYLE!

I am crazy in love with having parties and entertaining friends. I love to clean, cook, wine and dine my friends and family in FINE STYLE. And part of the entertaining process is the making and sending of the invitations. I am never one to buy a premade invite, as I like an invitation to be super crazy 'ME'! So I thought I would show you one of my recent invites, with pics and instructions, and hopefully you will realize how much money you can save and how much fun designing your own invitations can be!

When I am shopping for the body of the invitation, once again you will find me hitting the Michael's $1 bin... and I never come up empty handed. They always have cute blank note cards & envelopes, that I recreate into something that is unique and crazy cute. By adding my own embellishments, it becomes personalized and the person receiving it feels EXTRA special! ;) So I purchase my $1 blank invites (6 in a pack) and use the coupon that I can USUALLY find online for 20% off, and that adorable little package of invites costs just $.87. With embellishments, the entire invitation costs no more than $.40 a piece... AND they are personalized to boot. You just can't beat it!

Materials Needed:
A computer and printer~ I was using a Windows
Blank Stationary with envelope
Glossy Photo paper
A paper cutter
Aleen's Tacky Glue
Rubber stamp of choice
Ink Pad of choice~ I used Gold Metallic
Ribbon of choice
Colored pen of choice
Design your Invitation on your computer. I have shown you in the picture posted, what fonts I used in Word Program.

Print out your invitation on your glossy photo paper.

Using your cutting board or scissors, cut the printed invitation down so that it will fit inside the purchased blank invitation.

Glue the printed invitation, using a dollop of the Ailleen's glue onto your piece of colored cardstock which has also been cut to the size of the purchased invitation. Note in picture that I have glued the printed invitation at the top of the cardstock to leave a blank spot at the bottom.

Using your stamp and stamp pad, apply a stamp on the blank part of the cardstock and allow sufficient time to dry.

On the envelope, run a thin strip of glue along the bottom of the envelope and press your ribbon down so that it adheres!

Using your stamp and stamp pad, apply a stamp above your ribbon, leaving enough room to write the name of your guest.

Using your colored pen, address your envelope.

Insert the cardstock invite inside the purchased invitation.

Insert your invitation inside your fancy envelope, lick and deliver! And wait to hear the squeals of delight as your friends open and read!

I can't wait for my NEXT party, just to create another crazy fun and festive invitation! And I hope you will stop to let your creativity flow as you plan for your next soiree!

Living, Laughing, Loving and planning my next party!


AND have a Blessed and Creative New Year! 

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