Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Crazy Life in an Acronym!

A New Year! Those words always excite me beyond measure. I enjoyed spending New Years Eve reflecting on 2011 and looking ahead to 2012~ looking at what worked and what I would like to change in the New Year. I do not like to make New Years Resolutions, as they are so easily made, and so easily broken. Instead, I find it challenging and fulfilling to focus on changes that I desire to make, so that I can work on being my personal best. Of course those that know me well, know that nothing I do can be done SIMPLY! Instead, I always do everything with my own CRAZY flair, which makes me who I am. So in the spirit of CRAZINESS, I would like to share the 'character qualities' I am going to work on in 2012! My hope is, that something you read will strike a chord within you, and challenge and encourage you to think about those things you want to personally work on toward being the best YOU can be in 2012. 

SO! My CRAZY way of sharing the 'character qualities' I am working on, is to take the name of my blog, “My CRAZY Life', and turn it into an acronym, featuring the aspects of my life I am going focus on improving. AND, here we go! 

“God gave us memories that we might have roses in December.” ~J.M. Barrie 

My children are grown, not gone, but grown, and I see the 'empty nest' becoming a part of my life in the near future. This year I am focused on creating some crazy, amazing memories~ personally,with my children, my husband, my friends! I have started a list of memories that will be in the making this year! My sons graduation from the Army National Guard! A family vacation, my high school reunion, an out of town trip with some of my best friends. I have purchased a scrap book, luscious scrapbook paper, some fun pens, stickers and my camera is at the ready to “capture” these events, so that when my 'empty nest' arrives, I have incredible memories to reflect upon! 

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” 
~Mother Teresa 

I would like to focus on the “YOUs” in my life... in other words, OTHERS, instead of ME. I find that my self pity, or depression, will quickly find me when I am so focused on myself and my problems~ when I am completely occupied on myself. I would like to invest more love, time and effort, into the 'yous' in my life... my family, friends, friends waiting to happen. When I turn my focus outward, and share the love I have~ my time, my creativity, my love of cooking, myself! I not only take eyes off of ME, but I share that love with others, and hopefully leave them in a place that is better than where we started! Sharing myself with others is not only a gift to the other person, but it is a gift to myself. A gift that will keep me operating selflessly, instead of selfishly!

OH DEAR! I am out of time. SO, I am going to have to finish the “CRAZY” part of my acronym tomorrow. Thank you for joining me today. I hope you will come back tomorrow with a cup of coffee, cup 'o tea, wine, or whatever suits your fancy so that I can share more of my “CRAZY CHANGES for 2012! I hope you will join me, I will eagerly await your visit! 

Living, Laughing, and already LOVING my New Year!


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